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Tigryulia has come to visit me

Oct 13, 2009, 11:57 pm

Not too long ago, Tigryulya came to visit me in Kiev. Tigryulya both looks and feels very well. The zoo has received all the necessary means for keeping Tigryulya. The only thing that it complains about is that it has such an authoritative character that it chases everything around the cage. :-) That is exactly why she is different from everybody.

According to the workers of the zoo, Tigryulya is a star. All the visitors come to see her. Nonetheless, she has quite a authoritative character, which keeps order in the cage. :-) Tigryulya already has girlfriend there, a red tigress of the same age.

Of course we are also looking for a friend for the Tigrulya since it is absolutely depressing for her to be alone. I very much hope that during the next few months we will be able to find same type of albino tiger cubs in other zoos of the world.

I'm always interested in how Tigryulya is being fed, how she feels and how she behaves...I can say that she will grow up, actively, and will be just the right size for the presidential negotiations after the election. ;-)

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