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Nov 12, 2009, 12:20 pm


Let me start by apologizing for not having written in some time. I’ll admit that I haven’t been here in several days. There have been other matters, other problems - gauze masks, oxolinic ointment, Tamiflu...Unfortunately, my time has been spent addressing issues related to the flu epidemic in the country. As if the global financial crisis wasn‘t enough - we needed this disease that is making people sick and killing them. It’s very frightening to witness human misery and trouble every day...

I remember my school years. Did people get the flu back then? Of course they did - every year, every winter. But I don’t know - either the flu was less harsh or the strains were more humanly…but there was no panic, no pandemic…Moreover, nobody every spoke about the flu publicly, except for the health program that ran on Sundays on the central television channel. But back then there simply could be no panic in the country.

And this, by the way, is another problem that has come to light during the current epidemic - the problem of information. Today, in the age of the internet, mobile communication and advanced technologies, when information is available to the world within seconds, and news about such horrors as the flu spreads lightning fast…I sometimes feel as if this has all been programmed - that all the aspects of human life, including disease, adapt to changes. The world is becoming crueler and tougher. We’re paying the price for civilization. And the speed with which the epidemic is spreading is trying to compete with the speed at which information disseminates…

And that’s why you need to be very careful with information - the same as with the H1N1 flu. Because every extra word can cause panic, helplessness and more troubles. That’s why I’m grateful to the editors of certain Ukrainian sites and internet forums for banning the alarmists and blocking the fearmongers’ writings about the spread of the disease. Ukraine needs to know the truth, but we can’t fall into despair.

What about all the accusations against me and the government that we’re not handling the situation properly - well, I don’t pay attention to them. The government is going above and beyond what’s necessary. And I don’t have time to respond to these accusations, because I need to work. Especially when there is such trouble in the country.

We will overcome the flu and the economic crisis - and everything will be ok...because there’s no other option.

I promise to return to my blog shortly, to answer your questions and speak with you all online.

Take care and stay healthy!