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About football and luck

Dec 07, 2009, 02:14 pm

This topic comes up once just can’t escape it. I’ve already spoken about Viktor Yanukovych being a remarkably lucky person (about the dog that answers to "Lucky" – you recall?). But it seems that Viktor Yanukovych doesn’t just suffer from this "unique luck" but can also infect others.

Take for example, the wonderful Kharkiv football team Metalist. The guys
played great all year. They destroyed leading European teams, almost made it to the finals of the UEFA Cup, and were among the leaders of Ukrainian football. I personally congratulated them several times on their brilliant victories.

And it probably would have continued that way, had they not been visited
one day by two dear guests (pardon the pun) – Viktor Federovych [Yanukovych]
and Viktor Andriyovych [Yushchenko]. I understand that the latter is also a
very "lucky person." As a result, Metalist lost to Obolon. I have nothing
against this wonderful Kyiv team, I wish them success and new victories, just like the beer of the same name.

But the trend is obvious. As soon as Yushchenko and Yanukovych appear on
the tribune, expect failure. And how can we forget the match between Ukraine and Greece, when our team lost the trip to South Africa. Why? Because two “lucky” politicians came to the deciding match and transferred their lucky aura to the entire Ukrainian team. As Ilf and Petrov would write, from this moment on the national team was doomed...

When they’re alone, you can bear their "luckiness" but when they’re
together – no good will come of it. You can forget about luck. The only thing
that they’re good at doing together are universals.

In light of this, I have a proposal. I want to forbid heads of state and
odious politicians from attending football matches, especially deciding
matches. Let them watch the game on television at home. And not together. And only taped. Because live games are also dangerous. Because "it" can be
transferred via television...

I wish our Ukrainian football teams success, triumphs and victory –
Metalist, Obolon, Dynamo, Shakhtar and the national team. The guys know how to play and team. And big victories will come sooner or later. Without politics and without politicians...